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Shetland flag stickers

Cornish visitor signs carry the St. Piran's flag, the Cornish flag - even though it has no official recognition. Here in Shetland we have an officially recognised flag and yet our visitor signs carry the Scottish thistle. Many Shetlanders find this offensive, but attempts to obliterate the symbols, or cover them are described as vandalism by the authorities. Here's the answer: Shetland flag stickers. If enough signs are 'treated', maybe the message will get through.

Buy some stickers and stick them on the brown road signs, covering the thistles. Make sure you get them straight - we don't want to be accused of vandalism! Take a photo and it will be published in the Shetland Independent Newsletter.

If you don't live in Shetland, get some anyway and send us the pics. Let's see how far they travel!

These are permanent stickers. The large size is just right to cover the thistle on the brown visitor road signs.

Large (190mm x 115mm) 2 + P&P
Medium (135mm x 80mm) 1 + P&P
Small (190 x 115mm) 50p + P&P

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