Galloway v Earl of Morton 1752

Sinclair v Hawick 1624

Bruce v Sinclair 1636

Rendal v Robertsons Representatives

Smith v Lerwick Harbour Trustees 1903

Spence v Union Bank of Scotland

Lord Advocate v Balfour 1907

Spence v Earl of Zetland 1839

Bruce v Smith 1890

MíKendrick v Sinclair 1972

Beatton v Gaudie 1832

Bruce v Hunter and Leask 1808

Lord Advocate v Aberdeen University 1963

Lerwick Harbour trustees v Moar 1951

Lord Advocate v Hebden 1868

Woods and Forests Commissioners v Gammell 1851

Dundas Orkney and Shetland Heritors 1777

Campbell v Hall 1774

Minquiers and Erehos Case 1953

Island of Palmas 1928

East Greenland Case 1933

Lord Advocate v Zetland 1920

Agnew v Lord Advocate 1877

Blantyre v Lord Advocate 1877?

Young v. LA 1885

Crown Estates Commissioners v Fairlie Yacht Slip